Patriot News Owes Gov. Corbett an Apology for “Worst Gov.” Comment

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In a voter ID story published Tuesday, July 24th, Patriot-News reporter Robert Vickers writes about Casey’s ostensible “shock” at the notion of challenging Gov. Corbett in the next gubernatorial election, and then concludes with the quote: “And Casey appeared stunned when asked repeatedly if he would challenge Gov. Tom Corbett, whose approval ratings make him the least popular governor in the nation,” writes Vickers. 

But on what basis does The Patriot News come to the conclusion that Corbett “is the least popular governor in the nation”?  Based on the fact that this statement lacks validation or even a third-party source citing at least some recent polling conducted in all 50 states, this is nothing more than a baseless charge and wild accusation for which The Patriot News should be ashamed.  It also seems appropriate that Reporter Vickers should offer a personal apology.

To put this outrageous claim in perspective, the average of our last two publicly released PA statewide polls both in March (internally funded, but released publicly) and February (sponsored by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review) showed Corbett with a 46.5% average job approval score, compared to 40% who disapprove.   So where is Vickers’ proof that demonstrates Corbett is quote: “the least popular governor in the nation”?  Even though we haven’t publicly released a more recent poll since March, a cursory internet search shows recent public polling by Quinnipiac University showing Florida Republican Gov. Scott with a 49% disapproval (conducted in June) and Connecticut Democratic Gov. Malloy with a 47% disapproval (also June). QU’s last poll in PA showed 47% of PA voters disapprove of Corbett.  So governors in both Florida and Connecticut have scores practically no better than Corbett, while one is slightly worse.  Furthermore, our statewide polling for private clients since March shows Corbett’s approval rating inching back into positive territory. Although none have been publicly released, I’d be willing to bet that publicly released polls in the next few months will validate this trend.  Perhaps the Patriot News can wager a bet if they disagree?  However, recent polls lean toward The Patriot News owing the governor an apology.

SP&R is a leading survey research and polling firm based in PA and conducts polling on behalf of political clients (Republican only) and corporate clients mainly in PA, DE, NJ, NY, MD and FL.  SP&R has not conducted polling on behalf of the Corbett Campaign.


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